2014 MV Agusta Rivale Review + Video

2014 MV Agusta Rivale Review + Video

You’ll go through a list of curse words riding the MV Agusta Rivale, only to replace that rage with howls of excitement once you get to the twisties.

I’ve formed a love/hate relationship with the MV Agusta Rivale. In its element, which, let’s be clear, is tight and twisty ribbons of asphalt, it is an absolutely sublime machine, ready to attack a corner with precision and honk a wheelie on its way out, its three-cylinder wail filling your ear holes with pure auditory bliss.

In most other environments, however, the Rivale makes me do something I rarely do on a motorcycle: look for the shortest way home. It’s not a very practical motorcycle, meaning its singular purpose is both a gift and a curse.

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But let’s be real for a second: nobody will be looking in the Rivale’s direction for a machine on which to do their errands. Like many MV Agustas, the Rivale is hard-edged and focused. Understand that, and it will plant a perma-smile directly on your face. Let’s examine how.



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