2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT | FIRST RIDE

2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT | FIRST RIDE

How does the redesigned Testastretta V-twin make the new Multi a better ADV?

Let’s not even pretend Ducati’s Multistrada is an “adventure” bike where part of the adventure includes dirt. Forget that big handlebar, long-travel suspension, vestigial beak, and “enduro” ride mode—these are all just pretensions. Ducati has no particular history of dirt dominance. The Italian manufacturer is known for building superlative superbikes and all its machines, even its cruisers, reflect this fact. So call the Multistrada what it is—not some dusty Dakar daydream, but a proper touring superbike.

The Multistrada’s greatest asset—its superbike soul—has also been its Achilles heel. As much as the Multi excelled at high-speed, high-mileage travel, it was often out of its element during more casual riding—the last-generation Multistrada simply didn’t like to go slow. Even in retuned-for-road-riding form, the race-bred Testastretta V-twin engine could be stubborn and surly at low revs, responding to small throttle openings with shuddering acceleration totally out-of-character for such a luxury-touring bike.



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