2016 WR450F Australian Media Launch Overview

2016 WR450F Australian Media Launch Overview

From the 8th to the 10th of December we were lucky enough to be invited by Yamaha Australia to Stroud, New South Wales for the official Australian media launch of the all new 2016 60th Anniversary Yamaha WR450F.

Before we jump into an overview of the new bike that will be online tomorrow and our ride review that we will upload ready for Christmas Day, we thought we would quickly break down the launch itself and what it entailed.

When it comes to launching new dirt bike models in Australia, be it motocross or enduro models, Yamaha always put on a great show and give us every opportunity to put their bikes through its paces in the environment which they are designed for

The launch of the 2016 WR450F was no different with Yamaha coming together with current Australian E1 champion Josh Green via Josh Greens Off-Road Advantage and the local Stroud pub to provide two days of sensational riding along with a night of information on the new bike followed by a night of bench racing with the rest of Australia’s moto media.

Kicking off the three day adventure was a introduction to the all new WR from Yamaha Motor Australia Communications Manager, Sean Goldhawk.

As we knew heading into the launch, this bike was going to be all new version of Yamaha’s ever popular WR450F range, with virtually nothing from the previous generation of WR450F carrying over to the new bike.

In fact it is fair to say Yamaha instead of updating their current WR, completely utilised the current YZ450F as a base and as you will see in tomorrow’s bike overview there are only a few changes that really separate the new WR450F from its YZ450F brother.



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