Beta Announces 2014 Evo Trials Models

Beta Announces 2014 Evo Trials Models

American Beta just announced their 2014 lineup of Evo Factory Edition trials models, which are designed by the Tuscan manufacturer’s R&D department and are replicas of the bikes the official Beta riders use in top national and international competitions.

Available in three engine sizes (125cc, 250cc, and 300cc), the Beta Evo Factory Edition engine and chassis were developed with smooth, extremely easy and responsive riding in mind. These bikes are intended for more expert riders who are looking for a high performance vehicle as well as for beginners who want an exclusive bike with unique performance.

Here are some of the improvements to the 2014 models:


Available in 125cc and 250cc in addition to the 300cc version, all the engines are built with carefully selected components and are fine-tuned.

• Magnesium engine crankcase. A weight reduction of about 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs.) allows for better handling, resulting in a dynamic riding experience.



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