BMW Motorrad’s Stop-Ride Order on the R1200RT Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad’s Stop-Ride Order on the R1200RT Motorcycle

We’ve received a fair share of electronic flak for not taking BMW to the proverbial woodshed after the “stop ride” ( see Precautionary Notice To Owners HERE ) was placed on the new R1200RT . Seems the fact that we lauded it in our road test (and in Motorcycle of the Year HERE ) makes the trouble with the RT’s Dynamic ESA suspension even more egregious.


In June, BMW ordered dealers to stop selling and owners to stop riding its spanking-new RT. The issue is the potential for failure in the shock. Before the recall, there were two failures on customer bikes in Europe. The shock supplier, Tenneco, was able to consistently reproduce the failure on the bench. (Tenneco is the parent of Monroe and Marzocchi, among others.) At that point, Tenneco informed BMW through a legal document that failure of the shock was possible, and as soon as that happened, BMW had to stop everything, develop a fix, and distribute the replacement shocks as fast as it could. Reportedly, around 8,000 bikes are affected worldwide.



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