Brian Deegan | The Legacy Lives On

Brian Deegan | The Legacy Lives On

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with FMX pioneer Brian Deegan to discuss his racing career along with his family’s interests in racing.

Getting his start as a motocross racer, Brian Deegan climbed his way through the amateur ranks as a Team Green rider, but shortly after obtaining his first Supercross Main Event win the Metal Mulisha co-founder stumbled on a new career path in Freestyle Motocross.

Deegan quickly rose to stardom and became a household name across the country thanks to his “bad boy” persona, but once he began to feel the effects of past injuries, the FMX icon returned to another kind of racing; Rally and off-road. Deegan’s three kids are all involved in some form of racing, as well, as his son Haiden is a rising amateur motocross star while his daughter Hailey just wrapped up a championship in the Mod Kart Series.

Racing has come full circle for Deegan and his family, and there’s no telling what the future has in store



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