Gary Palmer’s Ducati F1 “Yellow Bike”

Gary Palmer’s Ducati F1 “Yellow Bike”

Steve Munro and Gary Palmer met at Grattan Raceway in 2005 battling on air-cooled Ducati F1s. Munro’s 1988 model was powered by one of his amazing Loudbike engines, while Palmer’s F1 had a significantly revised and improved chassis.

Both riders took advantage of their machine’s respective strengths, but in the end, Palmer and his “Yellow Bike” won the title.

After the final checkered flag, Munro and Palmer compared notes. Munro realized he was talking to a very serious Ducati builder. “Gary’s Yellow Bike was the most developed F1 in North America, maybe the world,” Munro said. “When he mentioned it was for sale four years later, I bought it immediately.”
Munro loved what Palmer had done to the bike, especially the chassis. “All I wanted to do was pretty it up and get it ready to ride again,” Munro said. “The engineering work that Gary did was outstanding and made the bike amazing to ride.”

The Ottawa resident reassembled what had been a rough racer into a showpiece that was soon snapped up by Canadian collector Bar Hodgson. While this Ducati is now painted in traditional Loudbike livery, under the red and white paint is Palmer’s Yellow Bike. Why did Palmer choose yellow? So his wife could always spot him at the races.



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