James Stewart Update | Video of his Anaheim One crash with Dungey

James Stewart Update | Video of his Anaheim One crash with Dungey

James Stewart suffered a concussion following a hard crash at the 2016 Anaheim One SX, round one of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series.

The 2016 Anaheim One SX marked James Stewart’s return to Monster Energy Supercross following a one year suspension due to a
WADA anti-doping infraction. Things started well for Stewart and the Yoshimura Suzuki squad at A1, as he turned the third fastest lap in practice and qualified directly to the main event via an exciting heat race.

In the main event, Stewart started near the front of the pack and ran with Justin Barcia and Jason Anderson in the top-three. Just as the field came through a tight hairpin turn on the first full lap, Stewart was run into by Ryan Dungey after the Red Bull KTM rider cased a small jump as he approached the corner. The front wheel of Dungey’s bike hit the dead-center of Stewart’s bike, which suddenly stood Stewart up and then slammed him into the berm headfirst.

The impact knocked Stewart unconscious and because he was motionless in the main line of the track, the AMA was forced to throw the red flag. A few moments later Stewart came to with the aid of the medics, and they soon took him to the Asterisk Medical Unit for further evaluation. Stewart was concussed from the crash and seemed to be in a major daze while in the Asterisk rig, according to members of his team that we spoke with in the pits last night.

He will have a pass further tests to be allowed back to racing.



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