Kawasaki Introduces The 2014 KX100! So Cool!

Kawasaki Introduces The 2014 KX100! So Cool!

Take a look at the new 2014 Kawasaki KX100 here. A New Challenger Helps Riders Prepare for the Big Time!

The Kawasaki KX™100 represents a natural step in the progression of any budding young motocrosser who has outgrown the 85’s, but could still stand to grow a few more inches, gain a couple more lbs. or simply put in a little more seat time before jumping aboard a powerful, full-sized KX250F.

The new KX100 offers the perfect blend of a proportional power increase and a physically larger chassis for a more gradual learning curve en route to the big bikes.

Some of the country’s top young riders take the new 2014 KX100 and 2014 KX85 out for an epic day of motocross action. Suffice it to say, they loved the new features, such as increased power, improved ergonomics, and re-tuned suspension.



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