Motorcycle Manufacturer Mission Motors Goes Bankrupt

Motorcycle Manufacturer Mission Motors Goes Bankrupt

Despite developing one of the best electric motorcycles in the industry, electric superbike manufacturer Mission Motors Has filed for bankruptcy.

A few months ago, I wrote an article highlighting seven electric motorcycle companies that were innovative enough to be worth keeping an eye on. One of those companies was Mission Motors, an electric superbike startup that was developing two all-electric bikes for the market. The cheaper version, the Mission Motors R, was expected to cost a little over $30,000, which is expensive for a motorcycle but isn’t unthinkable when you consider the technology included with the bike.

At the time, bikes hadn’t been delivered to customers, but the situation looked at least somewhat hopeful thanks to a post on the company’s Facebook page that promised a “Huge AWESOME update” coming soon. That update could have been an announcement that production had begun and that customers who had pre-ordered their bikes would be receiving them shortly.

Sadly, what ended up happening was that production got delayed again while the company restructured to become Mission Electric, a company that would compete in the automotive space, as well. Most people missed it, though, and I wouldn’t even have noticed it if a reader hadn’t asked me to check into whether or not the company was ever going to deliver his bike.

In August, it looked like Mission Electric was barely alive, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when reported it had officially filed for bankruptcy. Whether or not any bikes were ever produced is also still unconfirmed.



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