New Triumphs and Ducatis Expected at EICMA

New Triumphs and Ducatis Expected at EICMA

November 4 should be highlighted on your calendar because several interesting new motorcycles will be introduced on that date at the EICMA show in Milan. Perhaps the most anticipated is the street legal version of the Kawasaki H2, already shown in closed-course H2R guise.

Perhaps beyond the rumor stage, and closing in on confirmed fact, Ducati is expected to introduce a new Multistrada with variable valve timing, as well as a Panigale with a 1299 cc v-twin. Considering the fact that v-twins are still limited to 1200 cc by WSB regulations, this latter “rumor” has caused some confusion. Apparently, all the new Panigales will carry the 1299 moniker, but the “1299R” will displace 1199cc and continue to serve homoligation duty for WSB racing purposes. We are also anxious to see the Ducati/Desmo VVT configuration in the new Multistrada.



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