New Yamaha NMAX claims 129 MPG!

New Yamaha NMAX claims 129 MPG!

Entry-level 125 scooter joins Yamaha’s packed stable.

YAMAHA has just revealed its new NMAX 125cc scooter boasting stylish city appeal and fuel economy figures of 130mpg.

The NMAX joins a crowded market and Yamaha’s shelves are already stocked to bursting with scooters. Its 125cc range alone includes an XMAX, Cygnus, BW’s, Vity, Xenter and D’elight. But we reckon there’s enough in the new NMAX to make it stand out in the crowd.

For starters the all new four-valve engine has been designed for maximum efficiency and even the cylinder gets a low-friction coating for less resistance.

If Yamaha’s claimed economy figure of 129 mpg is anywhere close to truth in real road conditions then we can expect a week of urban commuting for around the price of a pint – ideal for these austere times.

Economy is clearly helped by its featherweight frame. At just 127kg (wet) the NMAX is one of the lightest 125cc scooters in Yamaha’s line-up, that’s more than 40kg lighter than the XMAX 125 and even beats the 114cc D’elight by 20kg.



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