RACE REPORT: WORCS Final Round. Robby Bell Claims 3rd Championship (video)

RACE REPORT: WORCS Final Round. Robby Bell Claims 3rd Championship (video)

For their final event of 2016, the WORCS crew decided to test the racers by leaving the course ungroomed after Saturday’s events; typically, the crew will do some maintenance between days and let the course roughen back up throughout Sunday, but they left it as rough as it could get for the pro finale.

“I think it was gnarly!” said Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Precision Concepts, Maxxis racing’s Justin Seeds when asked what he thought of the track. He continued, “The fact that they didn’t touch it [after Saturday] made it pretty intense. It definitely separated everyone, you couldn’t just pin it because of a smoother track, you had to work for it.”

Justin’s teammate, Robby Bell, was still nursing a broken collarbone that he re-injured slightly at the Big 6 Grand Prix two weekends earlier and had mixed feelings on the rough track conditions.

Said Bell, “I’m normally a huge fan of leaving the track as beat as possible, especially when it’s a motorcycle-only course, because it separates the competition, but with my shoulder at less than one hundred percent, I couldn’t help but to think ‘of all the races to leave the course brutally rough, they had to pick this one!’”

Robby came into the event with a nine-point lead over second place Dalton Shirey in the standings, meaning a fourth place finish would clinch Bell’s third WORCS championship regardless of what Shirey finished. “I’d had some sleepless nights thinking about how my shoulder was going to hold up,” commented Bell, “Normally I’d back myself all day long to finish on the podium, but with my physical health being what it was coming into the race, the fact that so many other riders were really starting to find some more pace, and then seeing the rough conditions on Sunday…yeah, I was a little nervous.”

When the green flag waved, signaling the start of the pro main, Justin Seeds was the quickest to fire his bike up and claimed an uncontested hole shot to start the race, while Robby started at the edge of the top five.

“There’s something about Primm,” said Seeds regarding his hole shot, “I’m two-for-two this year with dead-engines at Primm. I was pretty stoked with that because Saturday’s practice starts didn’t work out too well for me.”



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