Riders give tips on staying safe on motorcycles (video)

Riders give tips on staying safe on motorcycles (video)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– This is the time of year when many motorcycles are out on the roads and sometimes it can have dangerous results. As was the case this past week along I-84 in West Hartford.

It’s a scene that happens all too often, vehicles and motorcycles colliding with one another. Just last Thursday a 43-year-old New Hampshire woman was killed along I-84 in West Hartford while riding on a bike.

“You always have in the back of your mind this stuff could happen but when it actually happens, and I was lying there, it is surreal,” said John Salce, Prospect.

John Salce and Wendy Faulkner know how quickly the unexpected can happen. Three years ago they were in a serious crash. They were riding their motorcycle on vacation when the driver of a car crashed right into them.

“One minute you’re on the bike going to dinner and BAM, the next thing we are in an ambulance,” said Faulkner.

So how can you keep yourself safe on a motorcycle?

Members of the West Conn. Harley owner’s group have some advice. First and foremost, be aware of your surroundings.

“You have to take that all in while you’re riding. You have to glance and see if there are any vehicles moving in your path,” said Robert Ranger, Safety Officer at West Conn. Hog.



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