The Stage is Set for Dakar 2015!

The Stage is Set for Dakar 2015!

With just a few hours before the 2015 Dakar gets under way the whole Yamaha team came together in Buenos Aires to go through scrutineering prior to the start early on the morning of January 4. The tension is palpable but morale in the Yamaha camp is high. After months of preparation the countdown to ultimate test of man and machine has begun.

“For sure, with us moving into the assistance parc with all the other teams and going through scrutineering, the tension goes up a little. The start is only a few hours away now and you can feel the anticipation. The nice thing about the Dakar though is that it really is like a big family. We spend a lot of time together and share something very intense and that creates strong friendships.

Plus of course this isn’t circuit racing, it isn’t a contact sport, essentially we are racing against the clock not each other. Obviously there is some rivalry but, for me at least, my biggest challenger is myself and the mental battle I have to stay focused and not make any mistakes. Then comes the desert, which must be treated with respect, and which is always a serious adversary.”



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