The Top 10 coolest adventure motorcycles!

The Top 10 coolest adventure motorcycles!

Ewan McGregor might have made the GS cool for a while but now your accountant, dentist and solicitor has one. Time to look for something else.

THE ironic thing is that adventure motorcycles were cool long before Ewan McGregor and Charlie Wotzhisface went off on an adventure. People had been doing it for years.

Now adventure bikes have risen in popularity and we’re obsessed with them but today’s £12,000+ offerings are about as cool as a pair of walking boots. Modern adventure motorcycles are packed with electronic gadgets (cruise control!?), ABS and LED headlights. They’ve lost their simplicity, the brash colour schemes, and strayed miles from the dirt tracks they could once take on. They’ve become tourers with long travel suspension, wearing a lumberjack’s shirt.

Here are 10 adventure motorcycles that ooze the cool sorely missing from the modern technology-packed barges.

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