Tips For Transporting Your Motorcycle (Note: Watch this video!)

Tips For Transporting Your Motorcycle (Note: Watch this video!)

We would all rather ride than drive, but sometimes, whether it’s a trackday, a service appointment, or a cross-country move, the only way to get your bike to its destination is to haul it there.

As with anything in life, there are good ways to load and secure your bike just as there are bad ones. If you want to see how not to load and haul a bike, search YouTube for “motorcycle loading fail” and try not to spit coffee on your computer screen. To learn how to do it right, read on.

Loading is the first hurdle; the secret is to lower the bar. Get the ramp as level as possible with the truck bed or trailer to avoid high-centering the bike halfway up. This is especially important for long-wheelbase, low-slung cruisers. Drop a pickup’s tailgate past horizontal if you can, and tilt the trailer so the rear end is low.

A useful strategy is to place the pickup’s rear wheels into the gutter in front of your house; this will naturally reduce loading height. You would be amazed how a drop of half a foot at the truck’s axle will ease loading.

But whatever you do, be sure your loading platform is secure. Unhitching the trailer will cause more problems than dropping the loading height will cure.



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