WORCS Back in Action!

WORCS Back in Action!

Eric Yorba wins his first WORCS Pro event, and makes it look easy.

Eric Yorba finally won his first WORCS event.

WORCS racing picked up again this weekend after a much needed summer break. Most of the top pro riders were battered and bruised, and some were racing for the first time in months. Precision Concepts’ Robby Bell was leading the points but injured himself practicing motocross at Pala Raceway.

Justin Jones and Blayne Thompson were also coming back from injury and time off. RPM KTM rider Eric Yorba, on the other hand, has suffered almost supernatural bad luck in the WORCS racing over the past few years, and he finally put that all behind him to run what has to be considered the perfect race at Glen Helen. He pulled the holeshot, then set the fastest lap of the race on lap two.

Jeff Loop and Justin Jones remained reasonably close in the early laps, while hard times befell some other riders. Zip-Ty Racing’s Dalton Shirey went into the pits on lap one when his fuel-line came off, them made another stop to fix a throttle issue. Justin Seeds, Justin Wallis and Blayne Thompson were all buried in the pack.



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