Yamaha electric motorcycle! Wow! for street & trail! (Video)

Yamaha electric motorcycle! Wow! for street & trail! (Video)

Yamaha displayed two versions of an electric motorcycle last week, one for trail riding and the other for the road.

Featured on the Yamaha stand in Tokyo last month were two electric motorcycles — one for off road trail riding and the other a street machine. Technical details are sketchy, but both have front and rear cameras that can display navigation information on a clear screen in front of the rider for the street bike or on the inside of the lenses of special goggles in the case of the trail bike.

Each electric motorcycle is capable of being controlled via an Apple Watch.

The proposed street bike has drive motors front and rear for improved traction on slippery roads, but whether that feature will make it into production is an open question, given how much dual motors would increase the price of the bike.

Electric motorcycles are hardly mainstream machines yet. Most of them are designed for competition, where their higher cost is less of an issue. But with Yamaha poised to bring electric motorcycles to market, the day when electric bikes start to sell in significant numbers is getting closer.



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