Zero Motorcycles pumps up production for 2015

Zero Motorcycles pumps up production for 2015

Zero Motorcycles retools its factory, adds staff to deal with increased production demand for 2015 models.

Santa has one less excuse not to bring a shiny new electric toy from Zero Motorcycles down your chimney this Christmas. The elven bike-building wizards at the company’s Scotts Valley headquarters have been working extra hard these past few months, and are now assembling the brilliant 2015 models in their freshly retooled, reconfigured workshop.

The company expects demand to increase and so have hired on more help, as well as improved their manufacturing processes, to deal with the anticipated workload. A call to Hollywood Electrics, its top US dealership, confirms that this year’s pre-orders are up and, indeed, that it recently announced a deal with the Burbank Police Department to supply that agency with some new patrol models from Zero. Of course, the company has an international reach and it also just struck a distribution deal that would see its bikes sold in the massive Indonesian market.

If you’ve been naughty, or just need to wait for warmer weather before pulling the trigger, you can get a temporary Zero Motorcycle fix by scrolling below to watch the outfits recent promotional video, featuring shots from the factory, enthusiastic testimonials by existing owners and lots of footage of these electric machines in action. If you can sit still after that, you can also peruse an official press release marking the occasion.



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